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Success Story:  Convertible Loan for ph.Ltd.

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Artemon acted as advisor and lead investor in the successful placement of a convertible loan (Series A4) for ph. Ltd., a Swiss scale-up and manufacturer of pharmaceutical dietary supplements.


Over the last years, KA-EX managed to successfully continue the journey that started in 2017 and established itself as the #1 recovery product in professional sports by providing some of the leading football clubs in Swiss Super League and German Bundesliga. In 2022, they started supplying KA-EX to the Sauber Formula 1 team and the French football club Paris Saint-Germain.

In 2023, KA-EX will launch a Ready-to-Drink product and jump start the business in the US. “We have finished the R&D of our Ready-to-Drink version of KA-EX, and - in all modesty - it turned out so freakin´ cool! We are now launching a pilot test with 45´000 bottles in Switzerland and the US, but to scale production, we need working capital”, says Pedro Schmidt, CEO and Founder of KA-EX.

Given the strong macro-economical headwinds, resulting in a VC crisis, fundraising for ventures has been extremely challenging over the last 2 years.


(from left: Samuel, Pedro, Manuel)


In order to support fundraising and achieve these ambitious goals, Pedro appointed Artemon in 2022 as KA-EX’ advisor with the task to explore the options to raise additional funding.

During the fundraising process, Artemon reached out to a significant amount of VC’s, family offices and private investors and generated lots of traction. “Artemon brought tier-1 VC’s on the table during a dried-out VC market”, highlighted Pedro.

Artemon supported a convertible loan round and helped to significantly exceed the minimum funding requirements of KA-EX.


With the Ready-to-Drink launch, KA-EX solves different challenges with a single blow, awareness, habituation, and branding. The launch of the new product is not only a new chapter in the company’s history; it is a new era! Pedro concludes, “the successful closing of this fundraising is a critical cornerstone for the implementation of our overall business strategy”.

About KA-EX

KA-EX is a patented dietary supplement product that boosts the body’s natural recovery cycle after intensive sports or alcohol consumption.

In 2017, KA-EX launched in 15 pharmacies without any marketing budget. Within a few months, it became available in all pharmacies across Switzerland and, a year later, found itself on the shelves of all drugstores, major supermarkets, and convenience stores nationwide.

Today, KA-EX is a leading supplier to tier-1 sports clubs within Swiss Super League, German and Austrian Bundesliga, NFL, Formula 1, and many more.

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